a to z: a

For this challenge, I plan on delivering a mixed plate… sometimes brief, sometimes seriously too deep, sometimes geekily humorous, sometimes boring nerdy knowledge, sometimes ranting, but always me and always near and dear to my heart.

  • administrator: specifically Nursing Home Administrator – my current pursuit
  • alien: one of the names my husband calls me for a few different reasons; also something that intrigues me (former X-Files junkie here)
  • alphabetical: how everything should be organized… always… everywhere (unless, of course, it clashes with color or pattern)
  • aloha: a multiple-meaning greeting, noun, and adjective used in Hawaii a lot… but never by me
  • analytical: me in every situation and with every task
  • arare: one of my many vices… try it, you’ll like it (tip: those around you may not appreciate the smell, so share the love)
  • articulation: production of speech sounds (the manner in which sounds are produced by the mouth – not to be confused with language which consists of words that convey meaning)

What “A” words describe you?


13 thoughts on “a to z: a

  1. Like your mixed plate….made me think of mine….. aim: Always target-ready with a goal, a reason, a purpose

    articulate: Love words and selecting THE word to express THE thought

    appetite: huge one for food and drink

    antsy: always everywhere and nowhere at the same time

    adaptable: can go up and down; sideways and backwards; upside- down


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  2. The librarian in me adores that you’ve listed ‘alphabetical’, Liane 😉 And articulation – living in Australia, we luuurve to shorten every. single. word. ever. (or, ev’rysinglwoevs’ in Australian) and it seriously bugs me when people say, like, ‘Widsday’ instead of ‘Wednesday’. Ahhh, so nice to find a similar soul! 🙂


    • Nice to meet you! Then the librarian side in you might also relate to the beginnings of my alphabetization fascination…in middle school, the nerdy side of me used to luuurve (ha, like how I said that?) reshelving books at my school library as a volunteer. Oh, and although I’m a stickler about articulation, I very much appreciate the Australian accent and think it’s such a beautiful one at that!


  3. I am so with you on the alphabetical thing, I love it when things are all neatly ordered….I had until now never heard of arare! Will have to try it out next time I have Japanese (although the smell thing has me intrigued / worried! 😉 )


    • Nice to meet another alphabetization fan! There seems to be many of us out there. Yes, you gotta try arare and let me know what you think. Essentially, it’s the baked shoyu (soy sauce) that gives off the pungent odor during consumption. Oh, I failed to mention that arare is also called kakimochi or mochi crunch, Enjoy!


    • Thank you for the compliment! I wandered over to your blog and think those “a” words you chose are definitely you (artistic = doodles, ambitious = PhD candidate, admirable = sharing your story). Love your doodles and posts and look forward to more.


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