a to z: b is for (human) barometer

I couldn’t help but contribute another “B” post for today, especially since I’ve been suffering all day with the uncomfortable effects of being a human barometer.

I swear my body reacts to the changes in barometric pressure, especially before rain.

A list of my symptoms (since I’m a list girl):

  • pressure on my lungs – next time you’re up for a bath, pay attention to the increase in pressure on your lungs when you horizontally submerge yourself up to your neck. For me, it’s not as noticeable when I’m upright (like in a pool or at the beach), or even horizontal in a pool or at the beach, but the pressure I feel on my lungs when I’m horizontal in the bathtub is the same pressure I feel when it’s about to rain.
  • difficulty breathing – partially related to the “pressure on my lungs” phenomenon, but different in that it’s more like the air feels thick, like every breath I take is jam packed with microscopic water molecules.
  • joint/bone pain – deep bone pain especially in my knees and ankles, and strangely enough my tibia (shin bone). I know bones have no nerves or pain receptors, but it truly feels like the insides of my bones are aching.
  • face/neck pressure – have you ever eaten a meal extremely high in sodium (i.e. Chinese food) and experienced face/neck pressure as if all that sodium in your stomach is pushing your face/neck up and out? That’s the feeling I’m talking about. Funny thing is that I have extremely low blood pressure (normal for me is 80ish/50ish).
  • overall feeling of claustrophobia
  • overall feeling of irritability

The amazing thing is, is that as soon as it either rains or starts to clear up, most of my symptoms go away. The joint/bone pain subsides but lingers, but maybe that’s just age related or something. It’s a good thing I live in on the sunny side of one of the Hawaiian islands!

Have you ever experienced these symptoms or know of someone who has? Please tell me it’s not just me…

19 thoughts on “a to z: b is for (human) barometer

  1. I feel for you and do have many of the same symptoms. My Son’s sinuses are the same way with the weather. Oddly, allergy meds seem to help that. My joints always tell me about the weather and yes, once it rains or clears up, the pain subsides. You’re not alone.


      • You’re not. Now, I am in my late 20s and my son is 4. I do know those with rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, and elderly” folks that experience a lot of those same symptoms. Humans are affected by the weather, usually emotionally or mentally more so than physically, but there are people like us who can feel it. Not sure why, but God made us this way.


      • I’m in the allied health field and many of my geriatric patients and patients who’ve had joint replacements also complain of the the same thing. I just never heard of younger folk experiencing this. And, yes, I definitely get emotionally affected by weather too, both good and bad.


      • I have EDS, Elhers-Danlos Syndrome, a genetic collagen disorder where the body does not produce enough (to replace normal use in the joints). It causes double jointedness in some, weak joins in some to the point that dislocations can occur from picking up a gallon of milk, and elastic skin and organs in others, which requires special stitching in surgeries otherwise we just pop stitches. It also makes us bruise easily, have super soft almost paper feeling thin skin, and makes it difficult to absorb certain vitamins. My Mom had the disorder so my siblings and I all have it in various degrees, and my son will eventually show signs too. The interesting part is we don’t break bones easily. I think it’s from EDS. The only bone I have ever broken is because I was playing around and punched someone incorrectly causing a “boxer’s break,” which is a fracture of the “pinkie bone” in the hand. Never broken any other bones even though I have fallen from trees and roofs from several stories up. I loved climbing magnolia and pine trees as a child.


      • Thank you for sharing your story. Interestingly enough, I have been informally diagnosed with EDS also. An Occupational Therapist I work with utilized the differential assessment/diagnosis criteria and I met almost all of them. Knowing it is genetic, I had my Mom do the same tests and she displayed the same characteristics. Your comment prompted me to want to look into this further…


  2. Interesting…..I know of others who have aches in their bones. As for me I feel very heavy and tired and listless. I think it is more common than what may seem since many are not aware of their body and thus don’t connect or relate body to weather. I think it is atmospheric pressure that makes the difference .


    • I agree. Making the connection may be difficult as people may not be thinking that the weather is affecting them. For me, it seems the decreasing of atmospheric pressure (predicting rain) affects me more than the increasing pressure (predicting clearing weather).


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  4. Headaches and sinus pressure while barometric pressure drops and storms loom. As soon as it rains or snows. My symptoms disappear. Some of us are just more ( possibly hyoer) aware of our bodies’ changes.


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