a to z: e is for…

Today’s A to Z post is dedicated to my Mom. I surprised her with her very own blog today. Exciting times!

  • educated:
    • highly educated and always stressed the importance of education with us
    • believes in lifelong learning
  • encouraging: always our biggest cheerleader and supporter
  • entertaining:
    • relating to the “interesting” genetic mannerisms/things she says
    • enjoys entertaining and hosting family gatherings
    • leads an interesting and cultured life
  • ever-loving: through thick and thin during good times and bad
  • exciting: always on the go, adventure after adventure

Check out her “About” page and the first post I wrote explaining why I did it. Enjoy!



10 thoughts on “a to z: e is for…

  1. I am one lucky okaasan!!! My daughter has always been center of my life…. Not always easy to raise, very independent thinker and doer, bringing me many OMG….. But always my precious favorite daughter who I dearly love. She always teaches me too—her organic/natural bent for healing or cleaning the home and the soul, her artsy ways of creating curtains or children’s thanksgiving crafts, and this blog and her thoughtful way of helping me navigate (she knows my technological incompetence)! Yes…. I am a truly blessed okaasan!! Today gives me opportunity to say THANK YOU…. Very simple words to express the many passages experienced together as mother and daughter….


  2. My E entry (not sure how to write it on my blog!!) so doing it on yours!? I will play with the word “essence”….. As I find it to be a challenge to define. I feel essence is similar to core energy or spirituality. When you experience essence, you can taste, smell and savor its flavor—the essence of being! Can you grasp what I’m trying to share or is it gobbledygoop??!!!

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