a to z: f is for fifty smiles

Feeling flighty, fearful of failure, fixated and frustrated

Fragile, feeble, frantic, fragmented

Festering internal feuds

Frightening finales.

Faking it, feigning familiarity.

Fifty friendly smiles for me

Facilitating fixed faith

Fear fading, funk flickering

Fabulous family and friends

Featuring fortunate and fresh, flawless and fierce me

Fifty fulfilled smiles from me.

44 thoughts on “a to z: f is for fifty smiles

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  2. Favorite: you are full of F —-!!! Flavorful fabulous frivolous — flip flopping flights of fantasy flowing freely!!! Fifty smiles x fifty more!


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  4. This is wonderful, and such an original way to talk about the importance of friends and family! 🙂

    Here’s another smile from me so I guess that makes 53 with the other commenters!


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