a to z: m is for (sexy) meraki mom

imageEarlier today, I started composing my “M” post for the A to Z Challenge. Long story (kinda) short, I decided to change my “m is for my many mom modes” post to “m is for (sexy) meraki mom” to document this afternoon’s events and tie in with today’s Daily Prompt of my idea of “sexy.”

this afternoon…

I ended up taking a co-worker and dear friend over to Urgent Care due to heaviness in the chest, numb cheeks/lips, numb hands, and elevated blood pressure. After a few pep talks (social support), a neck massage (physical relief), taking her outside to sit on the grass under a tree and soak up some rays (change of scenery), multiple blood pressure checks (symptom evaluation), stroke assessment (to rule out CVA), buying her water and some aspirin to take just in case it was a minor TIA/CVA (hydration and blood thinner), and texting her husband, I consulted with some other co-workers and I decided to take her in to seek medical advice just to be on the safe side (against her full consent, although I’ve known her for 3-1/2 years and I know she was just trying to be strong… and stubborn). Turns out, it was possibly just anxiety, although both my friend and I are not totally convinced of the diagnosis.

meraki = sexy

Meraki essentially is putting all of yourself into whatever you choose to do. I’ve been called “intense” many times before. I don’t see myself as intense, per se, but I may come off as intense because I practice meraki. Today during my friend’s episode, I pulled together my many hats (friend, former boss, Speech-Language Pathologist, Licensed Massage Therapist, Mom, etc.) and took action. I can say with 100% certainty that my confidence as a person has exponentially grown since becoming a Mom. When I am in this mode, I feel “sexy.”

To me, “sexy” doesn’t have anything to do with clothes or body shape or how one moves. Sexy has everything to do with confidence. And strength. And totally immersing oneself into something that makes all time and space and environment disappear.

sexy = meraki + mom = me… but don’t call me “sexy” unless you wanna get punched

However, unlike the algebraic transitive property of equality, sexy does NOT equal Liane, nor does Liane equal sexy. Don’t call me “sexy” unless you wanna get punched. Really.


  • A to Z Challenge: M
  • Daily Prompt: You Sexy Thing – Tell us about your best confidence outfit. Don’t leave out the shoes or the perfect accessories.



7 thoughts on “a to z: m is for (sexy) meraki mom

  1. Your friends are lucky— the way you care and support them is admirable beyond belief!! Your compassion together with medical concerns provides a lot of comfort and assurance. Your care and love are priceless gifts .


  2. I agree. Sexy is all about confidence. A person can be beautiful, but if they’re not confident the sexy-ness is lost. What a rough day your friend had. Glad to hear that she’s okay.


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