a to z: n is for nursing home administrator

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At 16, I wanted to become an architect or graphic designer. I became neither.

What I become (in chronological order):
  • At 23: photography assistant (short stint)
  • At 24: high school English and Technical Science Special Education teacher (very short stint) and Substance Abuse Technician (short stint)
  • At 25: Licensed Massage Therapist – still current
  • At 27: Speech-Language Pathologist – still current
  • At 34: Rehab Services Manager (ended due to relocation)
  • At 35: Outpatient Rehab Manager/Speech-Language Pathologist (currently resigned but still provide consultation/mentoring)

Currently (at 38), I am in the process of pursuing my Nursing Home Administrator’s (NHA) license. At 16, I never even heard of an NHA, let alone a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) or a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP). Yet, besides being a Mother, being an LMT and SLP (and pursuing my NHA) is what makes me and defines me. Who knew this would be the path I’d pursue?

Like my 16-year-old self, I still very much enjoy architecture and graphic design. And although, occasionally, my current self wonders what my life would’ve been like had I pursued those fields, my current self is also still very much satisfied with and proud about where I am… and what I’ve done… and who I’ve become. 16 was a long time ago and look where I’m at! I wonder where I’ll be in another 20+ years…?



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