a to z: o is for ono junk food

via Pinterest


Oh this is easy

Junk food junkie in me

I’m Queen of the junk food

Feeding my mood

Lover of ono kine grindz, you see?


Be it salty or sweet

Or jerkied meat

Chocolate is tops

Add salt and time stops

If it’s chewy I admit defeat.


Coke, Skittles, Haribo gummy bears

Chips, arare, junk food from fairs

Brownie corners, Jelly Bellys

Scotchmallows from See’s

Pickle mango, li hing mui, nothing left to share!


  • A to Z Challenge: O
  • Daily Prompt: Junk Food Junkie – What’s your biggest junk food weakness? Tell us all about it in its sugary, salty glory.
  • Weekly Writing Challenge: Time for Poetry – This week we invite you to write a post – in verse or in prose – inspired by poetry.

8 thoughts on “a to z: o is for ono junk food

  1. You are indeed the queen of junk food! It was always a problem when you were with me in the grocery store and put your stuff in the grocery cart!!! And when we were inline near the cashier— all the goodies — colorful candies and gums hypnotized you and I had to give you stern stares of “no”… You definitely have a sweet salty spicy crunchy sour tooth!!!!


  2. Someone made for me this Hawaiian snack food I guess it is that was a rice ball topped with spam wrapped in seaweed. I’m sure there was more to it, but that’s all I remember. It was good! Is that considered junk food?


    • Hahaha! So funny you should mention spam musubi. After I posted this and was driving to work, I realized I forgot spam musubi. Some people might consider it junk food but I think it’s more of a snack or side dish (even though my kids (and I) eat it as a main dish). Many grocery stores, all 7-Elevens, and most local restaurants have spam musubi. It’s one of my favorite foods!


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