a to z: t is for (no) time

Running out of time to post “t.” It’s almost midnight and I’m still in my closet texting with two of my coworkers trying to figure out what to wear to work tomorrow since ownership is in town. Trying on various outfits, sending pictures back and forth of clothes we have, shoes we have, clothes we can let each other borrow. As therapists, we don’t dress up for work. Dressing up is one of my worst nightmares. Running out of time. Gotta go…

A to Z Challenge: T


6 thoughts on “a to z: t is for (no) time

    • I’m the same way. My style is casual surfer girl style, if that’s even a style. Even though I was in management for 4+ years, I never adopted the “professional” style or any style other than surfer style, for that matter. So dressing up for anything (weddings, parties, etc.) is stressful for me.


  1. Ahhh.. We both did TIME—– yours frenzied mine contemplative. U were never a “dresser.”….so I can imagine the challenge of dressing appropriate!! I was wondering when you were gonna write your T blog? And wondering what you finally decided to wear??!!


    • Ahh, great minds think alike! I will head over to your blog and read your post. I wore black pants one of my friends gave me, borrowed a gray sweater top, used my lab coat on top… and still wore my Vans pumps I love. Man what a nightmare!


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