a to z: u is for unicorn

As a child, I LOVED unicorns! Their uniqueness and mystique captivated me.

I had a book with a dark blue cover (and border around each page, if I recall correctly) that had beautiful illustrations of unicorns that I used to spend hours studying. The unicorns and rainbows and scenery were all on the darker side… colorful but with a darker tinge that ran throughout the book. Not childish. Not pastel. Not cartoonish. No humans. Just unicorns and rainbows and scenery. I hope to someday track down this book as it was one of my childhood favorites.

I also had unicorn bookmarks, stuffed animals, and chose Shel Silverstein’s “The Unicorn” to present in high school Speech class.

(P.S. – I will just send this a long right now and edit/link later since I keep falling asleep and waking up with random letters all over my screen!)

Edited to add: A to Z Challenge: U


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