a to z: vision and wisdom


Tatsumi: “Powerful” – My spirit is assertive and persuasive.

Your strong leadership and your ability to inspire others to follow your vision releases my powerful spirit. May your endeavors always succeed and bring prosperity to your life and to the lives of those who help you.

One of my dear friends and coworkers (previously my subordinate, currently my superior) gave me this kimmidoll as a gift yesterday.

(Missed “v” yesterday as I was recruited to do some audits and training on top of treating patients and studying so time has been even more scarce.)

  • A to Z Challenge: V and W

4 thoughts on “a to z: vision and wisdom

  1. Your life is so full and although time seems a challenge, a full life is to be cherished ! I love “tatsumi”. I never heard of it but I bet there is a collection of these dolls— neat. About unicorns— did we include the musical unicorn in the things we gave you last time? And we should really hunt down that fav book!


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