a to z: x is for…

exhausted aki exhausted baiAfter a long 9.25 hours of straight work today (with no lunch break as I was the presenter at a “working lunch” in-service) the only “x” word I can think of is eXhausted. Training, audits, documentation, more training, in-service, treating, and more documentation = one eXceptionally eXhausted eXpert.

15 thoughts on “a to z: x is for…

  1. Those pictures are too funny – except when you really feel that way! Hope your wirkload eases soon. Stay healthy, and big kudos for going the distance in A to Z!


    • Haha, sometimes I do feel that way… bunny ears on my eyes and mouth hanging open and all. Yes… we’re almost there with our A to Z posts. I’m grateful for all the new friends I made through this challenge.


    • My poor kids had 3 Easter parties to go to in 2 days this year. The girls were exhausted. My son was wide awake and had a goofy photobomb smile on (he got cropped out as he was not representing “exhausted” well).


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