a to z: y is for yawn… and YES

If you’ve been following my blog, you might recall how I’ve posted about how much work I’ve been bogged down with lately and how pooped and exhausted it’s left me.

Today is no exception… hence, the yawn.

However, the YES is representative of many things.

  • The celebration of the near conclusion of this A to Z, my first, blogging challenge.
  • My response when my name is called (and the way my children respond when their names are called).
  • The answer I give when asked for a favor even before knowing what it is I’m agreeing to.
  • Knowing that after this week my workload will significantly decrease.
  • How I feel when informed that I already have people fighting for a position for me that I hope to secure upon passing my Nursing Home Administrator’s exam.



5 thoughts on “a to z: y is for yawn… and YES

  1. Indeed!! YOU are awesome…. Full of passion for life, compassion for others and passionate about your personal goals!!!! There are many who admire YOU, are proud of YOU and love YOU!!! Put me at the top of that list! And yippee we have reached the last letter of the challenge….. Whew!


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