I’ve forgotten how to post pics… sharing the start of my calligraphy journey…

Let’s see if I can get this again… supposedly just point and click, right?!?

The start of my calligraphy journey:

2/11/16: New toys… slowly by slowly, one piece at a time, I received all my goodies except for the darn ink… so needless to say, I’m anxiously awaiting my ink when I took this pic:

new toys

2/12/16: Ink arrived!!! Here’s a pic of my cool setup before writing, my shaken ink (tip: DON’T.SHAKE.INK), and my first attempt at writing using my new dip pen:the setupshaken inkfirst attempt

2/13/16: By request of my kids, I wrote their names and experimented with some Tombows and my water brush pen for color:


2/13/16: Some Saturday fun with various pens and letter styles:

saturday experimenting

Then life got in the way for a week… did the Great Aloha Run (more like the Great Aloha Walk – 8.15 miles of w.a.l.k.i.n.g.) and then got sick.

2/22/16: Used a guide and attempted to copy some Copperplate letters for the first time:

first guide

So there you have it… not only am I starting a new adventure with calligraphy but I’m back to blogging!


8 thoughts on “I’ve forgotten how to post pics… sharing the start of my calligraphy journey…

  1. This is a snazzy new calligraphy set! 😁😆 Isn’t it awesome to write something handwritten and in full-script? Unique and tangible; like a finger print. 😊 Reminds me of when my mother a few months ago relayed that my kindergartener sister’s teacher stated they won’t be teaching cursive-writing classes. …I wanted to cry lol


    • I love how you compare something handwritten to a finger print! Yes, my children are 10, 7, and 7, and they’re not really learning cursive in school anymore… just an overview and what I teach them at home. Soon, our world will be void of real books, handwritten letters, and cursive. What a shame! Thanks for stopping by!

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  2. Great post and thank you for all the photos. What is a tombow? I have always wanted to create this type of lettering but mine does not look as nice as yours. Do you have an ETSY shop? I hope people can order from you, if not, how do they contact you? Happy thoughts and hugs, Petrina


    • Hello! Thanks for stopping by. I love what you do with business cards! Anyways, Tombow is a brand that makes pens and craft supplies. I have some Tombow brush markers and a brush pen. You’re too kind about suggesting an ETSY shop. Don’t feel I’m even close to being ready yet. People can contact me via email (merakigeek@gmail.com), Instagram (@merakigeek), or of course on WordPress. Thank you for asking, as that made me think that I should add a “contact me” type page or info to my blog. Keep on creating beautiful things, Petrina!


  3. Awesome!!! You have a lot of goodies!! Where did you get your pen and ink. I just read that my ink is waterproof and I read that that’s not good at all. It messes up the nib. It came with my pen so I need to get some new ink. Your writing is great! I can’t wait to see the rest of your journey!


    • The straight holder (Tachikawa) and Speedball ink were from Amazon. Since then, I purchased some new/some used items from a calligrapher on Periscope. He put together a beginners kit based on my interests and skill level. He sent me some walnut crystals to make walnut ink, which may be something you might want to try if you’re looking into a different ink.

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  4. I need to get a calligraphy set. You can check out my stuff on deviantart.com and search for user unexpectedmind. I can’t find the link option on the app.


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