Periscope Conspiracy Theory


Now that I’ve watched this week’s episode of X-Files, a random thought popped into my head. Recently I’ve been on Periscope a lot… not as a scoper, but as an… I guess you could call it a scopee??? In other words, I watch other scoper’s videos. So for those of you who aren’t familiar with Periscope, whoever is making the video, or “scope,” is essentially videoing themselves doing something or attending something or teaching something, and the audience can see and hear them, either live or on replay. However, the audience (aka my made up word “scopee” from above) can only interact via chat (typed responses) or by tapping on the screen to send a visual heart to the scoper so the presenter knows that the audience appreciates them or is just giving feedback that we’re still watching.

So here’s my theory… what if… Periscope actually is collecting video/picture clips (aka “data”) on the scopees, unbeknownst to the scopees, of course, to essentially spy on everyone, while everyone oh-so-innocently thinks that we’re just passively absorbing a scope? I mean, to be honest, I sometimes watch scopes while eating, or doing laundry, or getting ready in the morning, and because I’m under the impression that I can see the scoper but that no one can see me, I just go about with my business.

But what if Periscope is actually using my camera to inconspicuously watch me while I’m tuned in to a scope???

So there’s my idea to ponder while we go on with our Thursday… and while I tune in to another scope while I get ready for work…


4 thoughts on “Periscope Conspiracy Theory

  1. They can have all this technology out there – but they cannot teach our children ‘cursive writing’? There is something drastically wrong with this.
    I think you are on to something – if not now, for the near future.
    Love your blog.
    Happy thoughts and hugs,


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