First scope… overcoming the fear!


I just did my first scope. Jumped in with both feet and just did it. No planning. No plan. Very much unlike me.

And it reflects in the scope, but my goal was to just do it. Get over that first hurdle, similar to the pre-event social anxiety that I get. And it wasn’t that bad! I had a few super supportive scopers who I admire and look up to encourage me and provide very much needed feedback and tips. What a positive experience it ended up being all because of these wonderful folks! I wish I knew how to tag them from my phone (eating sushi with the kids right now). If I did, I would extend a very grateful and huge THANK YOU to Melinda, Stephanie, and Lance!!!

That’s one thing that really stands out about Periscope… everyone I’ve met so far are so positive and supportive. And to be able to connect with people around the world (during my scope, New Mexico, Germany, and Iowa) is priceless.

Maybe being on the other side of the scope is not so bad after all…


my top 10 recent pinterest pins

meraki geek’s pinterest boards

I’m a self-proclaimed Pinterest fanatic.  Who isn’t?!?  If you wanna get to know me, check out my Pinterest boards.  They say a lot more about me than my personal Facebook page (plastered with pictures of my kids and adventures) or LinkedIn profile (with details about my education and jobs over the past decade).  And they’re out there for the whole entire world to see (except for my private board, of which I only have one).  During this everlasting never-ending feels-like-forever journey to find myself, Pinterest helps me to not only identify and qualify what excites me, motivates me, and inspires me, but also categorizes and organizes these finds (two things I do very much love doing) and keeps them visually accessible for future reference (another thing I love doing… I have binders and folders full of pulled-out magazine pages, school handouts, etc.)  Oh, and call me anal but I am a stickler about finding the source of each pin before repinning as I’m not fond of dead ends, broken links, or sites that redirect you to the original source.  So, if any of the above applies to a pin, I’ll fix it before I pin it.  Happy unbroken source links + happy repinners/followers = happy me!

Here are my top 10 recent Pinterest pins that speak to me and about me (in no particular order).  I’m a highly visual person (I’m the type that usually only orders menu items with pictures) so in this quest to learn blogging and WordPress, I’ll attempt to insert picture links to my Pinterest pins:

me minus the pearl earrings (princess diamond earrings instead)

5 expert balance exercises

caramel apple cookie brittle

make your own crazy glasses – download, print, and decorate!

other ways to say… (synonyms)

crochet covered hangers – free pattern

10 ways to help kids get along

make a chalkboard effect in photoshop

quinoa with broccoli avocado pesto

peppermint sugar lip scrub (diy tutorial)