a to z: z is for zip-a-dee-doo-dah!!!

Zoinks! We did it!!! Congratulations to all who participated in and completed this A to Z Challenge!

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah zip-a-dee-ay

My oh my what a wonderful day

Plenty of sunshine heading my way

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah zip-a-dee-ay


a to z: y is for yawn… and YES

If you’ve been following my blog, you might recall how I’ve posted about how much work I’ve been bogged down with lately and how pooped and exhausted it’s left me.

Today is no exception… hence, the yawn.

However, the YES is representative of many things.

  • The celebration of the near conclusion of this A to Z, my first, blogging challenge.
  • My response when my name is called (and the way my children respond when their names are called).
  • The answer I give when asked for a favor even before knowing what it is I’m agreeing to.
  • Knowing that after this week my workload will significantly decrease.
  • How I feel when informed that I already have people fighting for a position for me that I hope to secure upon passing my Nursing Home Administrator’s exam.


a to z: x is for…

exhausted aki exhausted baiAfter a long 9.25 hours of straight work today (with no lunch break as I was the presenter at a “working lunch” in-service) the only “x” word I can think of is eXhausted. Training, audits, documentation, more training, in-service, treating, and more documentation = one eXceptionally eXhausted eXpert.

a to z: vision and wisdom


Tatsumi: “Powerful” – My spirit is assertive and persuasive.

Your strong leadership and your ability to inspire others to follow your vision releases my powerful spirit. May your endeavors always succeed and bring prosperity to your life and to the lives of those who help you.

One of my dear friends and coworkers (previously my subordinate, currently my superior) gave me this kimmidoll as a gift yesterday.

(Missed “v” yesterday as I was recruited to do some audits and training on top of treating patients and studying so time has been even more scarce.)

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a to z: u is for unicorn

As a child, I LOVED unicorns! Their uniqueness and mystique captivated me.

I had a book with a dark blue cover (and border around each page, if I recall correctly) that had beautiful illustrations of unicorns that I used to spend hours studying. The unicorns and rainbows and scenery were all on the darker side… colorful but with a darker tinge that ran throughout the book. Not childish. Not pastel. Not cartoonish. No humans. Just unicorns and rainbows and scenery. I hope to someday track down this book as it was one of my childhood favorites.

I also had unicorn bookmarks, stuffed animals, and chose Shel Silverstein’s “The Unicorn” to present in high school Speech class.

(P.S. – I will just send this a long right now and edit/link later since I keep falling asleep and waking up with random letters all over my screen!)

Edited to add: A to Z Challenge: U

a to z: t is for (no) time

Running out of time to post “t.” It’s almost midnight and I’m still in my closet texting with two of my coworkers trying to figure out what to wear to work tomorrow since ownership is in town. Trying on various outfits, sending pictures back and forth of clothes we have, shoes we have, clothes we can let each other borrow. As therapists, we don’t dress up for work. Dressing up is one of my worst nightmares. Running out of time. Gotta go…

A to Z Challenge: T

a to z: s is for sulking, silent treatment, shouting

What conflict resolution should look like:

What my style of conflict resolution looks like:

Haha, well, not exactly but here’s one of those cool graphic presentations by Jeff Muir illustrating conflict and the Conflict Resolution Model:

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  • Daily Prompt: Showdown at Big Sky – How do you handle conflict? Boldly and directly? Or, do you prefer a more subtle approach?