inspired + modified: cranberry brie bites

Inspiration: Two Twenty One’s Cranberry Brie Bites (her bites are much much much prettier than mine)

My modifications:

  • cut each puff pastry sheet into 16 pieces instead of 9 (I wanted more pieces…but that left me with some leftover puff pastry)
  • REALLY stuffed each one full (Two Twenty One says: “Load these suckers up.  Don’t feel like you’re over stuffing them, because you’re not.  Trust me.”  TRUST ME, you CAN overstuff them (see overstuffed pic))
  • brushed puff pastry tops with egg wash to give them that brown glow



  • due to noted point above (re: overstuffing), getting these little suckers out of the pan proved difficult (thank goodness for mini tongs!)
  • puff pastry doesn’t stay flaky for long… especially in humid Hawaii weather
cranberry brie bites

cranberry brie bites

Conclusion: Everyone at the party I took these to loved them.  I agree with Two Twenty One that these are better cool (vs warm out of the oven).  This will definitely be a recipe I’ll go back to again.  Enjoy!