beautiful flower from my beautiful daughter


A beautiful flower weed hand picked from the school parking lot and given to me as a present from my beautiful Baby A. She always notices the small things and always does such sweet things. Love her! ❤


a to z: e is for…

Today’s A to Z post is dedicated to my Mom. I surprised her with her very own blog today. Exciting times!

  • educated:
    • highly educated and always stressed the importance of education with us
    • believes in lifelong learning
  • encouraging: always our biggest cheerleader and supporter
  • entertaining:
    • relating to the “interesting” genetic mannerisms/things she says
    • enjoys entertaining and hosting family gatherings
    • leads an interesting and cultured life
  • ever-loving: through thick and thin during good times and bad
  • exciting: always on the go, adventure after adventure

Check out her “About” page and the first post I wrote explaining why I did it. Enjoy!