well played, my son


Well played, my son. Well played.

Maybe next time Mommy won’t buy you the toy spider you really wanted with the tickets she won for you using tokens she bought with the money she earned working long hours at a stressful job just so you can “accidentally” “forget” it in her car in a place that will cause her anxiety to look at for months (maybe even years) without thinking about this humongous spider that almost leaped out onto her face and ate her alive.

Thank you, my son. Thank you.


baby b’s 1st tooth fairy visit

Yesterday at school, Baby B’s (5 years 8 months) first tooth fell out. It’s been shaking for a while now. Son C (8 years 9 months) wanted to shoot it out with his Nerf gun the night before but I nixed that idea.

She was stoked but twin sister (Baby A) was sooo upset and jealous that her tooth’s not even shaking yet. Oh well, even if they’re identical twins, not everything is gonna be the same (or equal) all the time. She wrote her letter and the tooth fairy left her some cool erasers and $1.

This is my tooth. I already putted my tooth in a Ziploc bag. Are you a boy or girl? My tooth came out today.

“a window (peace sign), a rocket (lava lamp), a flower, and a owl erasers”



Ask Xfire

5/1/14: Real words from the mouths of my three kids –

  • Baby A, 5 years old (sorting through her school folder): “This paper can go in scrap.” (Interpretation: This paper can go in the scratch paper container (we reuse paper if it has a clean side)).
  • Baby B, 5 years old (looking at the calendar): “Today is May Fool’s Day! April 1 was April Fool’s Day so May 1 is May Fool’s Day.”
  • C, 8 years old (reviewing his status sheet from school – weekly report re: behavior where checkmarks are preferable to “OK’s” – commenting on 2 OK’s he got): “At least OK is a thousand times better than better.”

a to z: k is for (my loving and loved) kids

When will I be loved? I think I’m already a pretty darn loved and loving person, especially to my kids. Since when does fame equal love? No one needs to be famous to be loved. My kids’ love for (ordinary) me and my love for them is all I need.

A – bear hugs, B – our family of 5, C – love letter

  • A to Z Challenge: K
  • Daily Prompt: When Will I Be Loved? – Have you dreamt of becoming famous? What would your claim to fame be? Comedy? Acting? Writing? Race car driving? Go!
  • Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty – No rules. Just stick to the word count — no more, no less than fifty words.

my top 10 recent pinterest pins

meraki geek’s pinterest boards

I’m a self-proclaimed Pinterest fanatic.  Who isn’t?!?  If you wanna get to know me, check out my Pinterest boards.  They say a lot more about me than my personal Facebook page (plastered with pictures of my kids and adventures) or LinkedIn profile (with details about my education and jobs over the past decade).  And they’re out there for the whole entire world to see (except for my private board, of which I only have one).  During this everlasting never-ending feels-like-forever journey to find myself, Pinterest helps me to not only identify and qualify what excites me, motivates me, and inspires me, but also categorizes and organizes these finds (two things I do very much love doing) and keeps them visually accessible for future reference (another thing I love doing… I have binders and folders full of pulled-out magazine pages, school handouts, etc.)  Oh, and call me anal but I am a stickler about finding the source of each pin before repinning as I’m not fond of dead ends, broken links, or sites that redirect you to the original source.  So, if any of the above applies to a pin, I’ll fix it before I pin it.  Happy unbroken source links + happy repinners/followers = happy me!

Here are my top 10 recent Pinterest pins that speak to me and about me (in no particular order).  I’m a highly visual person (I’m the type that usually only orders menu items with pictures) so in this quest to learn blogging and WordPress, I’ll attempt to insert picture links to my Pinterest pins:

me minus the pearl earrings (princess diamond earrings instead)

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