say something

Realized something profound yesterday morning while shopping at Walmart (of all places). The song “Say Something” is actually a song by a group called Big-something-or-another and Christina don’t-know-how-to-spell-her-last name. Big huge news to me!

The story: a few weeks ago, my cousin posted a link on her Facebook page to her girlfriend’s YouTube video. I loved it! Fast forward to yesterday at Walmart (of all places). “Say Something” comes on. I perk up and it stops me dead in my tracks. Walmart all the way in Hawaii is playing Sarah’s song!!! As I’m standing there looking through girlie hair accessories (Valentine’s gifts for my girls), a shopper passes by… singing Sarah’s song! I’m like, “Wow, you know Sarah?!?” (in my head, of course). So I finish up my shopping and as soon as I get into my van (yes, I drive a van), I pull up YouTube and search for “Say Something”. Kapow! That’s when it hit me and I learned that this is not Sarah’s song but Big-something-or-another and Christina don’t-know-how-to-spell-her-last-name’s song. I’ll be the first to admit I’m never up to date with this kind of stuff. I hardly watch TV and almost never listen to traditional radio stations. You know it’s bad when my elementary-aged kids know almost all the words to popular songs by the time I hear it for the very first time. Yet, I was still super surprised/shocked/amazed (as I always am) that I had never heard this beautiful song before.

Conclusion: I still like Sarah’s version the best as it made me cry the first time I heard it. And, to me, it’ll always be Sarah’s song. Plus, Big and Christina’s video made me feel like the world just ended. Not a feeling you wanna carry around with you while you’re trying to study for a big exam.

Sidenote: Look! I figured out how to insert a hyperlink! I knew it wasn’t that hard as I’ve done it before, but on WordPress, the little shortcut button wasn’t active for some reason, so I had to insert it the old-fashioned HTML way.