baby a hit baby b’s tooth out


Dear Tooth Fairy, 2 of my teeth came out already. 1 of my teeth came out today. My sister hit me with her arm at school.
Baby B  5-19-14


baby b’s 1st tooth fairy visit

Yesterday at school, Baby B’s (5 years 8 months) first tooth fell out. It’s been shaking for a while now. Son C (8 years 9 months) wanted to shoot it out with his Nerf gun the night before but I nixed that idea.

She was stoked but twin sister (Baby A) was sooo upset and jealous that her tooth’s not even shaking yet. Oh well, even if they’re identical twins, not everything is gonna be the same (or equal) all the time. She wrote her letter and the tooth fairy left her some cool erasers and $1.

This is my tooth. I already putted my tooth in a Ziploc bag. Are you a boy or girl? My tooth came out today.

“a window (peace sign), a rocket (lava lamp), a flower, and a owl erasers”