about me

Liane {meraki geek} is a left-brain heavy professional seeking rich right-brain balance. Mommy to a very thoughtful son and rambunctious identical twin girls (one sweet and girlie, one book-smart and intense), wife to her high school sweetheart, and self-proclaimed wannabe hippie geek, Liane believes in researching everything (literally) and trying her best to practice less is more, the three r’s (reduce, reuse, recycle), lifelong learning, and personal growth with meraki.

My brain loves: speech-language pathology, massage therapy, anatomy and physiology, neurology, psychology, sociology, words, lists, outlines, cognitive challenges, patterns, predictability, making connections

My eyes love: anything crafty, Japanese paper, washi tape, yarn crafts, digital design, color palettes, Photoshop, sign language, calligraphy, symmetry

My nose loves: garlic, lavendar, scents that evoke memories, clean laundry, chlorine, old books, my kids’ breath, the Ionic Breeze/copy machine emissions, darkroom developer chemicals, gasoline, rubber cement, classic Strawberry Shortcake kisses, the goopy chemically stuff we used to use to blow bubbles with straws when we were kids, scratch-and-sniff stickers

My ears love: background noise, everything except pop and rap, my kids’ sleepy breathing, the sound of rain, my kids’ laughter

My heart loves: twins, organizing, bags, containers, Japan, anything creatively inspiring, odd numbers, recycling, technology, a chemical-free home, anything homemade, Hayao Miyazaki, Disney, Oregon, Hawaii, Japan, efficiency

My tummy loves: Haribo gummy candies, Jelly Belly jelly beans, banana flavored candy, cupcakes, Thai/Mexican/Japanese/Hawaiian food, chips and salsa and guacamole, Coke, soup, anything fried, bite-sized foods, bacon, tea, cooked carrots, popcorn made in coconut oil, caramel, frozen chocolate candy, saimin, spam musubi, fried rice, loco moco with extra gravy, garlic, extra spicy food

My hands love: fast typing, fast texting, short short short nails, my wedding rings, holding my thumbs, moisturizer, stroking my kids’ hair, clicking pens

Some of my opinions: mostly everything has a logical and/or scientific explanation; if there’s something you can do about it, just do it; motivation and optimism are turn-ons; narcissistic and egocentric people are the most difficult to deal with; there’s always room for improvement; I prefer being prepared/forewarned than being caught off guard; being viewed as anti-social is much more tolerable than feeling awkward in social situations; the pre-event anxiety is always much worse than the event itself; nerds and geeks are cool; acting dumb to dumb yourself down is dumb; if you actually read through all of this, please comment and/or follow me so I can give you props!


30 thoughts on “about me

  1. Hi Liane! It’s nice to meet someone who share the same values with me in life. I always like the idea of simplicity in life and it has been proofed to bring more happiness in my life. (I’m happier now than when I was having 4x “useless” stuff I have now) Definitely interested in personal growth too. Waiting for your daily prompt today!

    I hope we could grow and learn with each other in this beautiful life.


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    • I’m such a sense person… maybe not always filled with sense (my husband would agree) but definitely all about senses. Smells can be especially nostalgic, taking me back to any past moment in an instant. Re: coconut oil popcorn… unfortunately, it doesn’t really end up tasting like coconut, but while it’s cooking, the coconut smell immediately triggers drooling. Just a sprinkle of salt and no fattening butter is needed to make this popcorn taste like movie theater popcorn. I’ll post the recipe soon since many people have asked.


  3. Hi Afsheen! Thanks for the compliments, although, I think it is you who is deep and pure. In your own words: “I follow my heart; I hardly listen to my mind. I believe that only heart can take us to the place where there are no boundaries.” I look forward to our journeys together.

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  4. Hey, am just following Sparrow’s recommendations and checking out new blogs. I love this – and your ‘about’ section is brilliant! Describing things that different bits of your body love – inspired! 🙂


  5. It’s so nice to read about someone that’s so in touch with their life. Too many people spend all their life tying to fit into boxes built by others. Your About Me page clearly shows you are not one of those people.

    I like what you say about your nose, especially this: “My nose loves: my kids’ breath.” So cute. You have a very interesting blog.

    When you get a chance, stop by http://www.paulworthingtonbooks.com for a fun greet and meet.


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