spilt ink and a second scope


Remember how I was so stoked that I did my first scope yesterday at the park? Well, I must’ve left my ink a tad bit open, because today when I went to retrieve it from my bag before going to work, this is the mess I found! At least it was all contained in this Ziploc bag. Still, bummers…


On a high note, I completed my second scope! This time, I scoped the Hawaii Lion Dance Association dancing and blessing the residents at my workplace. The little lion was performed by a 6 year-old boy who was super adorable (seen here “eating” the money from my kids)!


I’ve forgotten how to post pics… sharing the start of my calligraphy journey…

Let’s see if I can get this again… supposedly just point and click, right?!?

The start of my calligraphy journey:

2/11/16: New toys… slowly by slowly, one piece at a time, I received all my goodies except for the darn ink… so needless to say, I’m anxiously awaiting my ink when I took this pic:

new toys

2/12/16: Ink arrived!!! Here’s a pic of my cool setup before writing, my shaken ink (tip: DON’T.SHAKE.INK), and my first attempt at writing using my new dip pen:the setupshaken inkfirst attempt

2/13/16: By request of my kids, I wrote their names and experimented with some Tombows and my water brush pen for color:


2/13/16: Some Saturday fun with various pens and letter styles:

saturday experimenting

Then life got in the way for a week… did the Great Aloha Run (more like the Great Aloha Walk – 8.15 miles of w.a.l.k.i.n.g.) and then got sick.

2/22/16: Used a guide and attempted to copy some Copperplate letters for the first time:

first guide

So there you have it… not only am I starting a new adventure with calligraphy but I’m back to blogging!